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North Western Cold Storage Warehouse

North Western Cold Storage Warehouse
Cold Storage Warehouse
116 W. Pacific Avenue See Map
Keith & Whitehouse

Built in 1910, the North Western Cold Storage Warehouse is located within a large concentration of commercial and industrial buildings, like bakeries, creameries and factories, that began developing in east downtown around the turn of the century.  The warehouse is the largest cold storage, industrial building in Spokane's first refrigerated market district which is comprised of the NW Cold Storage building and the adjoining buildings.  Together they supplied refrigeration storage for Spokane dairy, meats and produce in a time when most people relied on iceboxes to keep food cold.  John H. McAllister, a contractor and investor, commissioned the noted Spokane architectural firm of Keith & Whitehouse to design the large three-story, brick warehouse.  The large block letters painted on the outside of the building made it clear what the building's purpose was.  Beginning in 1965 with the Sylvan Furniture Company, the warehouse was cleared of all refrigeration machinery and was never again used for refrigerating, freezing and storing food products.

The North Western Cold Storage Warehouse is a contributing property in the East Downtown Historic District which was listed on the National Register in 2003.


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