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Historic Districts of Spokane

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Corbin Park Historic District

Corbin Park Historic District

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 11/12/1992. Listed on the Spokane Register of Historic Places in July of 1991.

Located two miles north of downtown, Corbin Park is one of only five local historic districts in Spokane. The site was the city’s first fairgrounds with a central racetrack. In 1889 a plat of the Corbin Park Addition included the former racetrack as a park in the center of the residential district. Homes within the district include a variety of styles such as Queen Anne, Tudor Revival, American Foursquare, Arts & Crafts, and Bungalows. The vast majority date from 1900 to 1925, but there are both earlier and later examples ringing the park. In 1909, a formal park design was prepared by the Olmsted Brothers, Landscape Architects of Brookline, Massachusetts. Today, most of the park has been adapted for current use as a baseball diamond and playground areas.

Contributing Properties
Waverly Place  |  East Oval  |  Park Place  | West Oval

Waverly Place
732 W Waverly
733 W Waverly
728 W Waverly
727 W Waverly
723 W Waverly
717 W Waverly
711 W Waverly
709 W Waverly
631 W Waverly
621 W Waverly
615 W Waverly
525 W Waverly
511 W Waverly
501 W Waverly
433 W Waverly
429 W Waverly
425 W Waverly
409 W Waverly
403 W Waverly
327 W Waverly
319 W Waverly
311 W Waverly
305 W Waverly
243 W Waverly
231 W Waverly
221 W Waverly
215 W Waverly
211 W Waverly
208 W Waverly
206 W Waverly
205 W Waverly

East Oval
2916 N East Oval
2926 N East Oval

Park Place
203 W Park
207 W Park
208 W Park
212 W Park
216 W Park
222 W Park
230 W Park
234 W Park
306 W Park
314 W Park
322 W Park
328 W Park
334 W Park
404 W Park
424 W Park
432 W Park
504 W Park
514 W Park
522 W Park
528 W Park
534 W Park
538 W Park
604 W Park
608 W Park
614 W Park
620 W Park
628 W Park
704 W Park
708 W Park
714 W Park
720 W Park
726 W Park
733 W Park
734 W Park
738 W Park

West Oval
2925 N West Oval
2921 N West Oval
2913 N West Oval
2905 N West Oval

Corbin Park Design Guidelines (PDF)

Spokane Historic Register Nomination (PDF)

National Historic Register Nomination (PDF)

District Map (PDF)