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Historic Districts of Spokane

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East Downtown Historic District

East Downtown Historic District

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 8/29/2003. 

The East Downtown Historic District is a collection of historically significant commercial, mixed-use and warehouse buildings anchored by the Northern Pacific Railway Depot. The district is on the eastern edge of Spokane’s central business district. Since the 1890s, this area has been an important part of the downtown’s industrial and commercial heritage by providing housing and business establishments that met the needs of those who came to Spokane to work and live either temporarily or permanently. Two predominant property types have historically characterized the district—warehouses and single room occupancy hotels. This historic district comprises approximately twenty-seven square blocks with a total of 107 resources of which 83 (78%) are historically contributing. The period of significance for the district begins in 1890 with the construction of the Northern Pacific Railway Depot and Fire Station #1 following the great fire of 1889. Over half of the buildings within the district date from the period between 1900 and 1910, which represented the city’s most pronounced period of economic and population growth.

Contributing Properties
1st Avenue  |  2nd Avenue  |  Bernard Street  |  Browne Street  |  Division Street  |  Howard StreetMain Avenue  |  McClellan Street  |  Pacific Avenue  |  Post Street  |  Riverside Avenue  |  Sprague Avenue  |  State Street  |  Stevens Street  |  Wall Street  |  Washington Street

First Avenue
221 W 1st Ave
308 - 312 W 1st Ave
401 - 409 W 1st Ave
411 - 415 W 1st Ave
417 W 1st Ave
418 W 1st Ave
421 - 423 W 1st Ave
427 W 1st Ave
429 W 1st Ave
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Second Avenue
202 W 2nd Ave
608 W 2nd Ave
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Bernard Street
119 N Bernard St
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Browne Street
152 S Browne St
164 S Browne St
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Division Street
104 S Division St
128 N Division St
168 S Division St
204 N Division St
212 N Division St
221 N Division St
7 N Division St
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Howard Street
119 S Howard St
157 S Howard St
165 S Howard St
174 S Howard St
176 S Howard St
178 1/2 S Howard St
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Main Avenue
14 W Main Ave
18-20 W Main Ave
209 - 211 W Main Ave
22-24 W Main Ave
235 - 239 W Main Ave
245 W Main Ave
25 - 29 W Main Ave
31 W Main Ave
35 W Main Ave
43-45 W Main Ave
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McClellan Street
159 S McClellan St
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Pacific Avenue
112 W Pacific Ave
114 W Pacific Ave
115 W Pacific Ave
116 W Pacific Ave
117 W Pacific Ave
12 W Pacific Ave
130 W Pacific Ave
19 W Pacific Ave
210 W Pacific Ave
216 W Pacific Ave
29 W Pacific Ave
304 W Pacific Ave
31 W Pacific Ave
35 W Pacific Ave
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Post Street
165 S Post St
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Riverside Avenue
201 W Riverside Ave
221-223 W Riverside Ave
224 W Riverside Ave
227 W Riverside Ave
229 1/2 - 235 W Riverside Ave
230 W Riverside Ave
235 W Riverside Ave
237 W Riverside Ave
242-244 W Riverside Ave
256 W Riverside Ave
302 W Riverside Ave
307 W Riverside Ave
311 W Riverside Ave
314 W Riverside Ave
315 W Riverside Ave
320 W Riverside Ave
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Sprague Avenue
210 W Sprague Ave
232 W Sprague Ave
236 - 244 W Sprague Ave
315 W Sprague Ave
333 W Sprague Ave
402 W Sprague Ave
408 - 414 1/2 W Sprague Ave
415 W Sprague Ave
429 W Sprague Ave
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State Street
164 S State St
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Stevens Street
125 S Stevens St
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Wall Street
123 S Wall St
124 S Wall St
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Washington Street
108 N Washington St
9 S Washington St

National Historic Register Nomination (PDF)

District Map (PDF)