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Wilson Elementary School

Wilson Elementary School
Wilson School
911 W. 25th Ave See Map
Loren L. Rand / F.E. Martin

Wilson Elementary School, named after Woodrow Wilson, 28th president of the United States, was initially constructed in 1926. Additions were completed up to 1999 (with one proposed for 2019). The school is significant as a well-preserved example of the “modern” one-story school buildings and its place in the continuum of the history of Spokane Schools. The school was built to serve the expanding residential area on the western South Hill and became the center of a neighborhood of modest single-family houses.

Designed by master architect Loren L. Rand, and built with elements of Renaissance Revival design, the school building is richly articulated in variegated brick and terra cotta moldings. The one-story building is strongly horizontal in elevation with additional emphasis provided by a terra cotta water table, cornice, and coping courses. Facing north, the main entry suggests a Tudor tower as it projects above the parapet wall. Terra cotta pedestals within the brick field of the parapet wall extend between the cornice and coping courses to suggest crenellations. 

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