Historic Properties of Spokane

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First National Bank of Spokane

First National Bank of Spokane
Numerica Bank Building
502 W. Riverside Avenue See Map
Bank Building and Equipment Co., McClure & Adkison

Composed of stately black and red granite, the First National Bank of Spokane is one of downtown Spokane's prominent mid-century modern buildings.  Built in 1954, the bank also represents a unique point in time with regards to post-WWII construction in Spokane, the evolution of bank architecture in America and the development of the skywalk system in the downtown core.  Originally clad in a cream-colored glazed ceramic tile, the bank would receive an even more modern look in 1966 when the promising firm of McClure & Adkison designed the present day granite skin.  Although not prominent in size, the sleek black granite and glass box exemplifies the characteristics of the mid-century period with its simple, yet elegant design of panels and glass.


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