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Historic Properties of Spokane

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First Congregational Church of Spokane

First Congregational Church of Spokane
Westminster Congregational Church of Spokane
411 S. Washington Street See Map
John K. Dow & Worthy Niver
Cliff / Cannon

The First Congregational Church of Spokane, built in 1890, when Spokane was recovering from a fire that had destroyed 36 square blocks, is historically perhaps the most significant of Spokane’s numerous churches. While few other congregations dared build more than a frame building, the First Congregationalists opted to build a lasting monument to their faith. The massive three-story Norman structure proved to be the standard of architecture for other Spokane churches. The rough cut granite building is one of the earliest stone churches in the Inland Empire and is today the oldest standing church in the City of Spokane. While of architectural merit, the history of this building has had a greater impact on Spokane by virtue of its pioneer development and continuity.

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