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Cedars Apartments

Cedars Apartments
Cedars Apartments
508 S. Cedar Street See Map
Ehwald J. Baum
Cliff / Cannon

Reminiscent of large, rambling baronial manor halls built throughout the English countryside, the Cedars Apartments was built in 1911, and is an exemplary, artful expression of Tudor Revival styling adapted to a multi-family apartment house. A steeply pitched red tile roof, seven front-facing gables, clinker brick cladding, false half-timbering, and rich ebony-finished woodwork are a few of the building’s architectural elements that are indigenous to the Tudor Revival style. Designed as a luxury apartment block with multiple rooms in each apartment suite, the Cedars Apartments was pictured in a 1911 Spokesman-Review newspaper article that described the building as "attractive English apartments." Designed by Ehwald J. Baum, the building was constructed for Hattie Jane Parsons, a "long time resident of Spokane" who was "prominent in community business circles." Well preserved and exhibiting key features of the Tudor Revival style, the Cedars Apartments has operated as a multi-family residence for nearly 100 years.


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