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Historic Districts of Spokane

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West Downtown Historic Transportation Corridor

West Downtown Historic Transportation Corridor

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 12/30/1999.

Spokane grew to become a supply center for the region's farmers, ranchers, and miners and as a point of departure for local resources. The city's West Downtown Historic Transportation Corridor is historically significant because of its association with the expansion of railroads, the advent of the automobile, and the rise of Spokane as a regional distribution center. The district's extant buildings that housed railroad-dependent businesses, automobile-related concerns, and worker lodgings are associated with the city's growth.

Contributing Properties
First Avenue  |  Second Avenue  |  Adams Street  |  Cedar Street  |  Jefferson Street  |  Lincoln Street  |  Madison Street  |  Monroe Street  |  Railroad Avenue

First Avenue
1001 W First Ave
1011-1013 W First Ave
1015-1017 W First Ave
1021-1033 W First Ave
1101-1109 W First Ave
1111-1119 W First Ave
1121-1129 W First Ave
1225-1229 W First Ave
1309 W First Ave
1312 W First Ave
1318 W First Ave
1319 W First Ave
911-915 W First Ave
917 W First Ave
1301-1303 W First Ave
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Second Avenue 
1104 W Second Ave
1120 W Second Ave
1126 W Second Ave
1204-1208 W Second Ave
1226 W Second Ave
1302 W Second Ave
916-924 W Second Ave
928 W Second Ave
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Adams Street
115 S Adams St
161 S Adams St
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Cedar Street
108 S Cedar St
120 S Cedar St
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Jefferson Street
108 S Jefferson St
124 S Jefferson St
152 S Jefferson St
153 S Jefferson St
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Lincoln Street
118-120 S Lincoln St
151-165 S Lincoln St
152 S Lincoln St
170 S Lincoln St
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Madison Street
151 S Madison St
154 S Madison St
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Monroe Street
122 S Monroe St
152 S Monroe St
157 S Monroe St
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Railroad Avenue
1012 W Railroad Ave
1016 W Railroad Ave
1117 W Railroad Ave
1123 W Railroad Ave
1213 W Railroad Ave
1214-1220 W Railroad Ave
815 W Railroad Ave
923 W Railroad Ave

National Historic Register Nomination (PDF)

District Map (PDF)