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Historic Districts of Spokane

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Rockwood Historic District

Rockwood Historic District

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 4/14/1997.

The nationally renowned Olmsted Brothers landscape architects of Brookline, Massachusetts designed the layout of this distinctive neighborhood, with its steep slopes, basalt rock outcroppings, and curvilinear streets connecting a series of pleasing green spaces. It is home to a variety of architectural styles that reflect the evolution of the preferences of residential designers, builders, and their customers during the first half of the twentieth century. The men most instrumental in the development of the neighborhood, Jay P. Graves and Aubrey White, played major roles in shaping the character and form of the city as a whole; Graves through his investment in railroad and real estate development, and White as the great champion of the Spokane park system. Architectural styles bridge the gap between the waning days of Spokane’s “Age of Elegance” and the new generation of designers and builders who left their imprint on Spokane’s built environment during the 1930s and 1940s.

Contributing Properties
12th Avenue  |  13th Avenue  |  14th Avenue  |  16th Avenue  |  18th Avenue  |  19th Avenue  |  20th Avenue  |  23rd Avenue  |  24th Avenue  |  25th Avenue  |  26th Avenue  |  27th Avenue  |  28th Avenue  |  29th Avenue  |  Arthur Street  |  Crest Road  |  Ferris Court  |  Garfield Street  |  Hatch Street  |  Highland Boulevard  |  Overbluff Road  |  Plateau Road  |  Rhyolite Road  |  Rockwood Boulevard  |  Scott Street  |  Sheridan Street  |  Syringa Road  |  Upper Terrace Road

12th Avenue
401 E 12th Ave
415 E 12th Ave
526 E 12th Ave
532 E 12th Ave
540 E 12th Ave
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13th Avenue
245 E 13th Ave
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14th Avenue
407 E 14th Ave
411 E 14th Ave
425 E 14th Ave
505 E 14th Ave
528 E 14th Ave
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16th Avenue
515 E 16th Ave
615 E 16th Ave
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18th Avenue
825 E 18th Ave
835 E 18th Ave
840 E 18th Ave
841 E 18th Ave
844 E 18th Ave
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19th Avenue
712 E 19th Ave
906 E 19th Ave
916 E 19th Ave
920 E 19th Ave
924 E 19th Ave
930 E 19th Ave
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20th Avenue
703 E 20th Ave
709 E 20th Ave
712 E 20th Ave
715 E 20th Ave
722 E 20th Ave
723 E 20th Ave
726 E 20th Ave
916 E 20th Ave
917 E 20th Ave
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23rd Avenue
723 E 23rd Ave
729 E 23rd Ave
734 E 23rd Ave
735 E 23rd Ave
738 E 23rd Ave
746 E 23rd Ave
749 E 23rd Ave
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24th Avenue
710 E 24th Ave
719 E 24th Ave
720 E 24th Ave
723 E 24th Ave
734 E 24th Ave
735 E 24th Ave
908 E 24th Ave
915 E 24th Ave
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25th Avenue
712 E 25th Ave
715 E 25th Ave
716 E 25th Ave
719 E 25th Ave
725 E 25th Ave
726 E 25th Ave
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26th Avenue
708 E 26th Ave
711 E 26th Ave
714 E 26th Ave
715 E 26th Ave
720 E 26th Ave
725 E 26th Ave
738 E 26th Ave
739 E 26th Ave
742 E 26th Ave
752 E 26th Ave
803 E 26th Ave
804 E 26th Ave
809 E 26th Ave
818 E 26th Ave
823 E 26th Ave
826 E 26th Ave
829 E 26th Ave
832 E 26th Ave
833 E 26th Ave
901 E 26th Ave
908 E 26th Ave
912 E 26th Ave
915 E 26th Ave
919 E 26th Ave
920 E 26th Ave
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27th Avenue
702 E 27th Ave
703 E 27th Ave
708 E 27th Ave
711 E 27th Ave
715 E 27th Ave
717 E 27th Ave
720 E 27th Ave
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28th Avenue
708 E 28th Ave
711 E 28th Ave
714 E 28th Ave
717 E 28th Ave
720 E 28th Ave
810 E 28th Ave
840 E 28th Ave
848 E 28th Ave
910 E 28th Ave
915 E 28th Ave
918 E 28th Ave
924 E 28th Ave
925 E 28th Ave
930 E 28th Ave
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29th Avenue
703 E 29th Ave
704 E 29th Ave
707 E 29th Ave
711 E 29th Ave
717 E 29th Ave
911 E 29th Ave
915 E 29th Ave
921 E 29th Ave
925 E 29th Ave
931 E 29th Ave
937 E 29th Ave
941 E 29th Ave
947 E 29th Ave
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Arthur Street
2618 S Arthur St
2524 S Arthur St
2630 S Arthur St
2702 S Arthur St
2710 S Arthur St
2714 S Arthur St
2720 S Arthur St
2929 S Arthur St
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Crest Road
1609 S Crest Rd
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Ferris Court
1309 S Ferris Ct
1321 S Ferris Ct
1329 S Ferris Ct
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Garfield Street
2215 S Garfield St
2221 S Garfield St
2227 S Garfield St
2309 S Garfield St
2325 S Garfield St
2326 S Garfield St
2401 S Garfield St
2403 S Garfield St
2404 S Garfield St
2407 S Garfield St
2418 S Garfield St
2505 S Garfield St
2506 S Garfield St
2510 S Garfield St
2515 S Garfield St
2520 S Garfield St
2528 S Garfield St
2540 S Garfield St
2619 S Garfield St
2625 S Garfield St
2631 S Garfield St
2637 S Garfield St
2641 S Garfield St
2651 S Garfield St
2801 S Garfield St
2804 S Garfield St
2808 S Garfield St
2809 S Garfield St
2814 S Garfield St
2815 S Garfield St
2820 S Garfield St
2824 S Garfield St
2825 S Garfield St
2833 S Garfield St
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Hatch Street
1905 S Hatch St
1915 S Hatch St
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Highland Boulevard
705 E Highland Blvd
706 E Highland Blvd
714 E Highland Blvd
715 E Highland Blvd
719 E Highland Blvd
722 E Highland Blvd
742 E Highland Blvd
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Overbluff Road
807 E Overbluff Rd
816 E Overbluff Rd
825 E Overbluff Rd
826 E Overbluff Rd
835 E Overbluff Rd
845 E Overbluff Rd
846 E Overbluff Rd
903 E Overbluff Rd
913 E Overbluff Rd
928 E Overbluff Rd
936 E Overbluff Rd
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Plateau Road
703 E Plateau Rd
706 E Plateau Rd
711 E Plateau Rd
712 E Plateau Rd
719 E Plateau Rd
730 E Plateau Rd
733 E Plateau Rd
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Rhyolite Road
2617 S Rhyolite Rd
2618 S Rhyolite Rd
2707 S Rhyolite Rd
2711 S Rhyolite Rd
2721 S Rhyolite Rd
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Rockwood Boulevard
319 E Rockwood Blvd
416 E Rockwood Blvd
505 E Rockwood Blvd
508 E Rockwood Blvd
527 E Rockwood Blvd
537 E Rockwood Blvd
540 E Rockwood Blvd
547 E Rockwood Blvd
605 E Rockwood Blvd
616 E Rockwood Blvd
621 E Rockwood Blvd
635 E Rockwood Blvd
705 E Rockwood Blvd
709 E Rockwood Blvd
716 E Rockwood Blvd
808 E Rockwood Blvd
815 E Rockwood Blvd
831 E Rockwood Blvd
1520 S Rockwood Blvd
1521 S Rockwood Blvd
1525 S Rockwood Blvd
1605 S Rockwood Blvd
1702 S Rockwood Blvd
1710 S Rockwood Blvd
1720 S Rockwood Blvd
1807 S Rockwood Blvd
1827 S Rockwood Blvd
1831 S Rockwood Blvd
1905 S Rockwood Blvd
1915 S Rockwood Blvd
2007 S Rockwood Blvd
2015 S Rockwood Blvd
2020 S Rockwood Blvd
2025 S Rockwood Blvd
2105 S Rockwood Blvd
2115 S Rockwood Blvd
2124 S Rockwood Blvd
2129 S Rockwood Blvd
2135 S Rockwood Blvd
2203 S Rockwood Blvd
2206 S Rockwood Blvd
2207 S Rockwood Blvd
2216 S Rockwood Blvd
2217 S Rockwood Blvd
2220 S Rockwood Blvd
2224 S Rockwood Blvd
2225 S Rockwood Blvd
2229 S Rockwood Blvd
2234 S Rockwood Blvd
2240 S Rockwood Blvd
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Scott Street
2618 S Scott St
2606 S Scott St
2706 S Scott St
2710 S Scott St
2807 S Scott St
2808 S Scott St
2811 S Scott St
2818 S Scott St
2827 S Scott St
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Sheridan Street
1303 S Sheridan St
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Syringa Road
808 E Syringa Rd
812 E Syringa Rd
815 E Syringa Rd
824 E Syringa Rd
825 E Syringa Rd
1911 S Syringa Rd
1919 S Syringa Rd
1925 S Syringa Rd
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Upper Terrace Road
1703 S Upper Terrace Rd
1708 S Upper Terrace Rd
1717 S Upper Terrace Rd
1720 S Upper Terrace Rd
1723 S Upper Terrace Rd
1726 E Upper Terrace Rd
1729 S Upper Terrace Rd
1803 S Upper Terrace Rd
1806 S Upper Terrace Rd
1815 S Upper Terrace Rd
1821 S Upper Terrace Rd
1827 S Upper Terrace Rd
1830 S Upper Terrace Rd
1835 S Upper Terrace Rd
1910 S Upper Terrace Rd
1924 S Upper Terrace Rd

National Register Nomination (PDF)

District Map (PDF)