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Riverside Avenue Historic District

Riverside Avenue Historic District

Riverside Avenue, between Monroe and Cedar, is undoubtedly Spokane's most beautiful avenue, flanked on both sides with attractive buildings. Since 1901, the small district has increasingly developed a striking individual character in architecture, usage and atmosphere. With the erection of Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in 1902, the trend towards stately dignity continued until 1931 with the completion of the Civic Building. The character of the district has been firmly established through the developmental role of each structure in the district. Their individual contributions were of such high quality that the texture of the whole is more than the sum of the individual structures. The district has been unified during the past 75 years by the pomp and circumstance of long usage and general intent.

Contributing Properties

Cedar Street
5 S Cedar St
10 S Cedar St

Riverside Avenue
1002 W Riverside Ave
1020 W Riverside Ave
1023 W Riverside Ave
1103 W Riverside Ave
1108 W Riverside Ave
1115 W Riverside Ave
1116 W Riverside Ave (Elks Club)
1124 W Riverside Ave
1203 W Riverside Ave
1227 W Riverside Ave
1229 W Riverside Ave

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