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Historic Districts of Spokane

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Peaceful Valley Historic District

Peaceful Valley Historic District

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 4/19/1984.

The Peaceful Valley Historic District is significant as a rare and intact example of a working-class neighborhood dating from the turn of the century. Many neighborhoods like Peaceful Valley once existed throughout the state; however, very few have survived without substantial alterations. While the historic value of such neighborhoods is not frequently recognized, this type of district presents a far more accurate picture of the lives of "ordinary" Americans than the courthouses or homes of the well-to-do that are more commonly preserved. Peaceful Valley was a distinct enclave within the city of Spokane, both physically and socially. This division has been maintained and Peaceful Valley remains one of the most historically intact neighborhoods in Spokane.

Contributing Properties
Ash Street  |  Cedar Street  |  Clarke Avenue   |  Main Avenue  |  Maple Street  |  Water Avenue  |  Wilson Avenue

Ash Street
210 N Ash
7 N Ash
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Cedar Street
17 N Cedar
110 N Cedar
30 N Cedar
304 N Cedar
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Clarke Avenue
1421 W Clarke
1506 W Clarke
1609 W Clarke
1615 W Clarke
1616 W Clarke
1635 W Clarke
1641 W Clarke
1701 W Clarke
1713 W Clarke
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Main Avenue
1308 W Main
1402 W Main
1403 W Main
1412 W Main
1413 W Main
1416 W Main
1417 W Main
1424 W Main
1508 W Main
1509 W Main
1607 W Main
1608-10 W Main
1639 W Main
1647 W Main
1648 W Main
1702 W Main
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Maple Street
107 N Maple
2 N Maple
6 N Maple
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Water Avenue
1406 W Water
1409 W Water
1411 W Water
1412 W Water
1413 W Water
1425 W Water
1508 W Water
1518 W Water
1602 W Water
1605 W Water
1613 W Water
1631 W Water
1635 W Water
1643 W Water
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Wilson Avenue
1519 W Wilson
1523 W Wilson
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National Register Nomination (PDF)

District Map (PDF)