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Historic Districts of Spokane

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Marycliff-Cliff Park Historic District

Marycliff-Cliff Park Historic District

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 12/21/1979.

The Marycliff-Cliff Park District of Spokane has been the residential area for many prominent and influential people throughout Spokane's history. From its earliest development in the late 1880's to the present day, the area's residents have included the leading citizens of Spokane: bankers, senators, businessmen, mining and lumber entrepreneurs, as well as prominent doctors, lawyers, and architects. As is often the case where the wealthy live, the area rapidly became a showplace of architectural styles - a number of the homes having been designed by Spokane's leading architects.

Contributing Properties
Grove Street  |  Cliff Avenue  |  Cotta Avenue  |  Sound Avenue  |  Stevens Avenue  |  Sumner Avenue  |  7th Avenue  |  12th Avenue  |  13th Avenue  |  14th Avenue

Grove Street
1308 S Grove
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Cliff Avenue
724 W Cliff
805 W Cliff
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Cotta Avenue
504 W Cotta
509 W Cotta
519 W Cotta
522 W Cotta
605 W Cotta
608 W Cotta
618 W Cotta
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Sound Avenue
507 W Sound
511 W Sound
517 W Sound
521 W Sound
524 W Sound
601 W Sound
604 W Sound
620 W Sound
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Stevens Street
1206 S Stevens
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Sumner Avenue
104 W Sumner
128 W Sumner
216 W Sumner
315 W Sumner
319 W Sumner
404 W Sumner
405 W Sumner
414 W Sumner
503 W Sumner
506 W Sumner
511 W Sumner
516 W Sumner
526 W Sumner
529 W Sumner
538 W Sumner
603 W Sumner
612 W Sumner
622 W Sumner
709 W Sumner
722 W Sumner
726 W Sumner
727 W Sumner
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7th Avenue
507 W 7th
703 W 7th
807 W 7th
815 W 7th (Corbin Mansion)
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12th Avenue
744 W 12th
804 W 12th
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13th Avenue
415 W 13th
419 W 13th
503 W 13th
507 W 13th
511 W 13th
517 W 13th
527 W 13th
528 W 13th
603 W 13th
604 W 13th
607 W 13th
608 W 13th
611 W 13th
614 W 13th
617 W 13th
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14th Avenue
410 W 14th
414 W 14th
420 W 14th
504 W 14th
508 W 14th
518 W 14th
524 W 14th
604 W 14th
610 W 14th
614 W 14th
618 W 14th
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National Historic Register Nomination (PDF)

District Map (PDF)