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Spokane Continental Bakery Building

Spokane Continental Bakery Building
Wonder Building, Hostess Building
821 W. Mallon Avenue See Map
Albert Held

The Spokane-Continental Bakery Building is a well-preserved example of the
industrial/commercial warehouse building type constructed during the first half of the
20th-century. Construction of the building began in 1909, and grew as various additions
and modifications were undertaken in 1917,1920,1947,and 1956.The large 49,000-
square-foot bakery warehouse is a multi-level, reinforced red brick masonry
construction structure that extends through the entire blockfront along Broadway Avenue
between Lincoln and Post Streets. Located a few hundred yards north of the Spokane
River in an industrial/commercial section of Spokane, Washington, the warehouse
building features a symmetrical pattern of tall windows that offer narrow between-building-
views of the Spokane River. Common to most early 20th-century
industrial/commercial warehouses, the bakery building’s exterior and interior are plain
with little articulation or embellishment, and reveal common-bond brick masonry, an
open and spacious interior with a combination of concrete-brick-wood plank floors,
exposed brick masonry perimeter walls, high ceilings of 12 feet or more, and exposed
structural posts and beams made of wood, concrete, and steel. Even with various exterior
window and warehouse delivery door modifications during the past century, the Spokane-
Continental Bakery Building retains good to excellent integrity in original location, design, materials, workmanship, and association.

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