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Ross Place

Ross Place
Mary's Restaurant
4235 E. Hartson Avenue See Map
East Central

This property was listed on the Washington Heritage Register 06/01/1996. 

The property is a significant remnant of Spokane’s eastward development, and is associated with the lives of Oliver C. Ross, his brother Andrew Jackson Ross, and Oliver's son, Edward D. Ross, all of whom were instrumental in the commercial and agricultural development of the Spokane Valley and beyond. In 1929, Mary Palmerio converted the house into "Mary’s Italian Restaurant," gaining a regional and national reputation that is remembered today. The Ross Place survives as the focal point and main residence of the Ross family. Although family members lived in other residences prior to the construction of the home in 1910, this property is the one most closely associated with them, and stands as a benchmark of the success and local prominence they achieved by the turn of the century

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